The bathroom, the place where time lingers, where the space and body merge, in a sort of a moving matter, reminding me of the Ether…

Ether, said to be the fifth element from which the soul originates;

Ether, the higher air that the gods breathe…


Inside bathrooms, I felt the need to entangle the body, space and time.

I looked between, inside, around and beyond the body for what could be unveiled, I gave a gentle blow to my lens so that within the opacity of my images another state of body would appear.

I put the elements in place and asked my subjects to move. I looked in the stack of photos for the one that stands out by its rareness, the one that surprises me.  

There is a moment when all the elements go into harmony, communicate and echo. The body goes into a state of tranquility, an action retains the space, and the space surpasses its own boundries.

I froze the image right where the opacity and lightness loose their power, where the space changes its nature, where the time becomes an echo, where the body…

I did not master my images, I recognized them.

Fine art photograph Beirut
Art photographer Beirut
Lebanon photographer
Conceptual art Beirut, Lebanon
Contemporary photography Beirut, Lebanon
Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
Beirut art galleries
Work > Ether. 2012. 90 cm x 60 cm. Semi- Matt paper. Edition of 5