A ciel ouvert

The concept of land strongly appeals to me. Within my land are many layers of various civilization’s history, but different wars as well, past and recent ones…

Today a fast construction movement is invading Beirut. Streets are changing, open spaces are closing, and I have no time to assimilate so much change.

Earth is ripped out, dug and reshaped. Fascinated by the underground, I understand the ephemeral side of those open sites and I am seized by an urgent need to shoot these instants when earth indecently exposes its open belly.

Looking at what happens in these shoals, I understand that I want to show this fault line between the above and the below: Above is the city, below is the past it is resting on.

Which part of our patrimony and memory of the city has disappeared? Since what existed before has been cut out, I tried to recreate what, to my eyes, have become pockets of amnesia.

I question myself what is the Relationship we establish with our past, and what is the proper distance to have towards it in order to build the future?

Using an old Pentacon 6x6, the process of fixing those images on film is long, uncertain, and I often have to come back to the same site to re-shoot my picture, pushing me to re-think the proper angle and the proper lighting that would transcribe my feelings towards these sites

I ended up by positioning my camera in the center of my body, putting myself at the exact line of separation between the upper part and the lower one.

By engaging my body in a dangerous position; suspended to the city, I invite the spectator to share my experience of void.

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Work > A ciel ouvert. 2010 – 2011. 150 cm x 150 cm. C- print. Edition of 5