Statement of Intent

Where to find what falls under the realm of movement in a photographic image? How can the observation of my shots trigger a physical experience for the spectator? These are the questions that preoccupy me whenever I decide to photograph a subject.

A photographic image for me is a surface hiding something that I can feel, even touch, but that I find hard to define. I always have the impression that an image conceals another, and behind the latter another yet is hidden, until one finds a skeleton.

It’s this notion of “beyond the image” that haunts me.

There’s also the city I come from: Beirut, which haunts me.

A loaded city that affects and shapes the bodies of its inhabitants, sometimes even of passers-by, with an unending succession of rather violent stories.

I look for the drama’s echoes in the bodies of my subjects. I try to find in them the place or moment where this emotional charge is located, this tension trying to break out; where this restrained shout is hidden, a shout that I seem to perceive in every photo.

Rima Maroun