Open Wounds - The Empty Quarter Gallery Dubai

When civil war brakes out in Lebanon in 1975, George Awde, Rhea Karam, Sirine Fattouh, Rima Maroun and Randa Mirza, are not yet born. This will happen a few years later when the country is devastated, buried under the bombardments of different militias. As children, then teenagers, they will know their country only through this predicament. War is part of their daily landscape. They grow up with war and build their vision of the world from it, even in the exile phases that push their families abroad. War is a formative aspect of their individual paths. In 1991, the signing of amnesty marks a new episode where reconstruction and the affirmation of a return to normalcy are on the program. Awde, Karam, Fattouh, Maroun and Mirza grow up and find inspiration to create. Instability is the common experience they re-live over and over.

What are the artist born between 1975 and 1991 working on?

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